RioRand Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter Review

Today we are excited to be reviewing the RioRand Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter. Self balancing scooters have been taking off recently, with students and us ‘adults’ not quite willing to let go of our inner child, snapping up these segway-style electric scooters. Several brands have been popping onto the market, such as the Monorover R2 (see our summary here) but the Rio Rand has become one of the most popular self balancing scooters on the market.

For those uninitiated, self balancing scooters work in a similar way to a segway- just without the handle. You stand on the platform and lean forward to kickstart the electric motor and propel you forward and lean back to slow down and stop. Sometimes flat on your face to start with. But, after the first 20 minutes you’ll be surprised how easy the Rio is to operate, and with a top speed of around 10kph you can scoot around town in a hurry.

RioRand Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter With Key Switch Various ColoursFeatures:

  • Tire Size: 170mm
  • Maximum Speed: About 10km/h
  • Range per Charge: 20km
  • Direct Drive Motor: 1000W
  • Battery: 36V 4.4ah
  • Weight Limit: 100kg
  •  Charge Time: About 90min
  • Size: 468*400*165mm(H*L*T)
  • Weight: 10KG



  • Safe: once you get a hang of the mechanism, the RioRand uses two wheels and self balancing control systems to keep you from eating the dirt.
  • Easy to operate: after your first ride you you’ll be riding around and spinning in 360s, to the envy of everyone around you
  • Pretty protable at 22lbs, and comes with a bag specially made for carrying the scooter around
  • RioRands Self Balancing Electric Drive tech and the electric motor makes this environmentally friendly to boot.
  • Makes You a VERY COOL Guy ( RioRands words not ours! (although definitely true))
  • About 5-7 hours riding time on one charge, and 2-3 hours to charge back up


RioRand Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter With Key Switch Various Colours II



  • This particular model is delivered from China, so can take a couple of weeks to deliver – if you are buying for predent please make sure to order well in advance!
  • Not suitable for riding off-road



The RioRand Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter is so popular for a reason – it’s a wicked fun for both children and adults, and the new balancing technology makes this a very unique toy to play with.


Razor E100S Electric Scooter Review

We’re excited to bring you our one of our Razor E100s Electric Scooter review today, which has been requested by you guys for some time.

Electric scooters are certainly one of the most wonderful gifts that you can give to your children. Having an electric scooter gives the child a spirit of fun as well as freedom at the same time. Kids love these kinds of rides and feel really joyful while riding and having fun with their friends. Be it riding on the plain roads, rough terrains or small downhill journeys, children absolutely love them and these are the perfect toys for their growing age. Kids’ scooters are available in different sizes and models and have a lot of unique features to choose from.

Razor E100s Electric Scooter is every kid’s dream ride! It is the perfect way to get around and have fun too! The Razor E100s Electric Scooter is environmentally friendly because it is electrically powered. It is also super quiet, so your neighbors will love it too!

Razor e100s electric scooter review

Razor e100s electric scooter review


The Razor E100S is the perfect electric scooter for young teens wanting to zip over to a friend’s house or head to the park. A superb mixture of cool design and tough build the E100S has a 20cm pneumatic front tire and a padded seat to ensure a comfortable ride while you zip around. The seat and seat post are also removable so you can turn your E100S into a stand-up scooter.

The durable steel frame and quiet, chain-driven motor of the Razor E100 Electric Scooter in the pink style allow you to ride in style. With the twist-grip accelerator, you can reach speeds as high as 10 mph, and the 8″ pneumatic front tire and urethane rear wheel allow a smooth ride. The scooter’s rubber grips ensure your comfort as you zip through the neighborhood and the hand-operated front brake helps you stop on a dime.

Razor e100s electric scooter review

Boasting a powerful chain-driven, high-torque motor that can reach speeds of 10 mph. But don’t worry about the noise this Electric powered Scooter engages a super quiet chain driven motor – applauded by neighbors everywhere. For added safety the E100S requires a small manual kick off to 3 miles per hour before starting (the rider presses a trigger to engage the motor). Once the rider is on the move, however, the electric motor kicks in – fast enough to have fun, but not fast enough to be a menace. And thanks to the long-life rechargeable battery, riders can cruise for up to 40 minutes at a stretch. Recommended for ages 8 and up, the E100S will support a rider up to a weight of 54kg.

Razor E100s Electric Scooter review – Conclusion

There are lots of positive things about this scooter. For instance, it is of a very high quality compared to other scooters in the market. It also comes with a warranty so you need not to worry in case it gets spoiled as soon as you buy it. Besides, one can even ride it on smooth grass. Most customers like it also due to its durability and portability. However, other customers who bought it say that it does not run for the said time once it is charged. The battery mostly runs for 35 minutes once it is fully charged. It is also a bit difficult for one to change the battery if you need to do so. Generally, you will get to enjoy once you buy the Razor E100s electric scooter.

Razor Kids Power Rider 360 Review

Welcome to our Razor Kids Power Rider 360 review, breaking down our experience with this cool little scooter. Rather than the 2 or 4 standard wheels found on normal electric bicycles and Karts, the Razor Kid’s Power Rider 360 Three Wheeled is fitted with a single pneumatic wheel at the front and 2 castor wheels at the back, so the back drifts out around corners allowing for all sorts of shenanigans.

The top speed is pretty standard for electric vehicles intended for kids aged 8+ and it is definitely fast enough to give enough excitement to most kids, without parents needing to worry a lot about their safety. With this, as always we recommend that you to ensure that your kid wears a safety helmet when riding any scooters.

Razor Kids Power Rider 360 Review

Razor Kids Power Rider 360 Review



  • Max: 120lbs
  • Age: 8+
  • Product Weight: 33 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 27″ x 10″ x 25″
  • 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system
  • Battery charger included
  • Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice
  • Some assembly required

Full Feature List

  • Speeds up to 9 mph
  • Up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Chain-driven motor
  • Welded steel frame and moto-style double crown fork design
  • Hi-impact pneumatic front wheel
  • Rear, dual inclined casters for drifting and spinning action
  • Front, hand operated braking system
  • Rubber Grips
  • Folding foot pegs
  • Push button throttle
  • Battery charge time: 12 hours
  • Some assembly required

Razor Kid’s Power Rider 360 Review


– The top speed of 9 mph is sufficiently fast to give most 8 year olds a thrill, and once they get the hand of drifting and pulling 360’s they will love this scooter.

– Great build quaility we have come to expect from Razor

– The Razor Kid’s Power Rider 360 Three Wheeled is well priced compared to other electric ride on toys made by Razor, at around £170.00


– The major drawback that the Razor kid’s power Rider 360 Three wheeled has is that the battery charging time is around 12 hours (The Razor Drifter Kart and the Razor Go Kart by comparison can be re-charged in only 4-6 hours).

– The use time per charge is listed by Razor at up to 40 minutes, which means that with the slow charging time this may cut some play time’s short. We found that this was plenty, but you can buy a second battery here if necessary.


Razor Kid’s Power Rider 360 Review


Overall, we had a blast making this Razor Kids Power Rider 360 review; spinning and drifting is super fun, and the durability of this machine is great for a very reasonable price. The charge time is a little long, but don’t let this put you off, this is a fantastic toy and will keep the kids occupied for hours.

Kids Electric Scooter E Scooter 120W Review

Electric scooters are an excellent source of fun and excitement for older children. It is up to the discretion of the parent whether their child is old enough to manoeuvre an electric scooter, but the weight limit is 70kg. While there are quite a few electric scooter options available to choose from, this is our Kids Electric Scooter E Scooter 120W Review

Kids Electric Scooter E Scooter 120W Review

Kids Electric Scooter E Scooter 120W Review

The Kids Electric E Scooter comes equipped with a 120W motor and a 24V rechargeable battery. The electric scooter can reach speeds of 12km an hour and a distance range of about 10-15km.

Its silver body and black handlebars give the scooter a sleek design and is complemented with a bright red accent on the removable seat. Full instructions and a free tool kit are included with the purchase of this electric scooter.

Key Features

— Removable seat. Right away you will notice the removable seat, which offers users either a seated ride or the option of standing.
— Battery and charger by E-Skoot. The 24V rechargeable battery takes approximately 3-5 hours to charge and lasts for about 40 minutes of continuous use.

— Kick stand available to keep the Kids 120W Electric E Scooter upright for when the scooter is not in use.
— Rubber wheels provide a smooth and quiet ride.
— Accelerator and front drum brake are both easily located on the handlebars.


Kids Electric Scooter E Scooter 120W Review



— Easy storage. The scooter can be quickly folded down for simple storage in a garage or to be transported in a vehicle to a park or going on vacation. The electric scooter weighs 10kg and is able to be lifted easily.

— Inexpensive option. The E-Skoot Electric Scooter is reasonably priced. It’s a great option if you are looking for something less pricey than some of the larger brands.

— Can be used with or without the seat. The ability to choose between standing and having a seated ride is a wonderful feature. It is also fully adjustable to accommodate different heights.
— Water resistant paint. You won’t have to worry about rainy weather or riding through puddles, because the water resistant paint will keep this scooter looking brand new.


Kids Electric Scooter E Scooter 120W ReviewCons

— You get what you pay for. Kids can play hard and electric scooters have a tendency to need repairs after some time has passed. With the Kids 120W Electric E Scooter, the belt may eventually need to be replaced, but that is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix.
— Battery lasts for about 30-40 minutes of continuous use and takes 3-5 hours to recharge fully. This may be plenty of time depending on where your child is using the electric scooter, but it’s something to keep in mind.


The Kids 120W Electric E Scooter is a great option for anyone searching for a reasonably priced electric scooter. You will get what you pay for, so don’t expect the scooter to last forever, but it is an excellent choice for most kids who want a fun electric scooter to play with.

Please remember it is important to always wear safety gear when riding an electric scooter, and to only use it recreationally; never take the electric scooter on any main roads.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

The time has finally come for our Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review. The Razor E300 is the biggest, fastest model along with Razors E100 and E200. Aimed at teens and adults the Razor E300 has all the power you could ever need in its 12-volt battery.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review


+ Very nippy and good handling

+ Great build quality

+  Perfect size for teens and adults


– Average battery life

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Key Stats:

  • Speeds up to 15mph and up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge
  • Super-sized deck & steel frame
  • High torque, chain driven motor
  • Twist-grip acceleration control and a hand operated rear brake
  • Extra wide 10″ pneumatic tyres

When you first unpack this machine the first thing that will strike you is the build quality. Made from stainless steel the E300 is a sturdy 25kg with most of this being the sizeable deck and beefy wheels, an average male can ride this comfortably.

The box contains the scooter itself, which needs a little assembly (just a couple of bolts), two batteries and the charger. The manual recommends an initial 18 hour charge and then an ‘overnight’ charge after that. We found that this was about right, with a full charge giving an average of 40 minutes riding time. This is something to take into account, as other models do last longer and 40 minutes can seem a little short when you need to charge it for 8 hours before you can ride again.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

On the road the E300 handles very well, and is extremely easy to ride with a twist throttle and strong hand brake. When given to a friends 14 year old sister she was riding straight away and looked very comfortable as she weaved around our local park. With a claimed top speed of 15mph the E300 achieves this very smoothly and feels very nippy around town and we actually clocked ours at around 19mph. Our model handled inclines with ease and I never felt like our model struggled to lug my 80 kg around, and the manufacturers claim that it should be fine with anything up to 100kg. The motor is very quiet, and gets bonus points for being environmentally friendly,

Overall we were very impressed, and had great fun with the Razor E300 Electric Scooter. Even though the battery life could last a bit longer supplying two batteries solved this problem for the most part. Ideal for anyone from about 12 years who is confident with the speed this is a fantastic machine for zooming around with friends or scooting to work in style!

1000w Evo Powerboard Review

Slicing through the jumble of cheap scooters, comes the predominant scope of Evo Powerboards – today we excited to give you our 1000w Evo Powerboard Review. Through best in class design and manufacturing techniques, the new era of Evo Powerboards have taken a technological jump and are loaded with inventive features that make every other brand of scooters seem to be out of date.

1000W 36V Evo Powerboard electric scooter supplied as standard with three 12V 12Ah batteries with removable seat. This EVO brand electric scooter accompanies an intense 1000W engine, and with road tires. It’s also no slacker in the matter of performance either, being fit for up to 42kmh and up to 20km per charge depending upon terrain and load. The seat is adjustable and the scooter easily folds for simplicity of transport and storage. Furthermore, you can even ride your scooter in the night as it comes complete with front and back LED lights.

1000w Evo Powerboard

1000w Evo Powerboard Review

Key Features:

  • Evo 1000w Electric Scooter has 42in height, 44in length, 24in width and with 79lbs of weight.
  • It has chain engine drive framework.
  • The scooter is equipped with 1000 Watt Batteries, three 12V/12AH (36V framework).
  • It has the top speed of 28kmh.
  • Its most extreme coverage reach is 10 miles per charge which may change depending upon the weight of the driver.
  • Battery can be charged whenever required. It takes around 4-8 hours to get its battery fully charged.
  • Easy to install quick release seat for high level of comfort.

The other features are: economy mode button for preserving battery life, a post lock folding framework for easy transport or storage, front, and back plate brakes.

1000w Evo Powerboard Review

1000w Evo Powerboard suspension


  • Its awesome design and simple to use features guarantee to give safe and smooth riding experience.
  • It accompanies LED lights that allow you to ride even in the night or in the low light areas.
  • Evo 1000w Electric Scooter accompanies the battery charger. You don’t have to buy it separately.
  • The easy to install and remove seat feature makes it a perfect investment for community riders.
  • It can load up to 265 lbs. /120 kg of maximum weight. It means you can undoubtedly enjoy the ride without tension regarding your overweight issue.
  • Whether you are young or old, this scooter gives you a chance to have a fabulous time for a few hours with easy mobility.
1000w Evo Powerboard Review

1000w and 800w Evo Powerboard


  • In the manual, it is said to adjust the brakes according to the rider’s suitability. Yet, a few individuals think that it difficult to adjust the brakes appropriately.
  • The scooter is available at such a modest price, yet at the same time some individuals may think that it is a little costly than other models.
  • Evo 1000w Electric Scooter is not suitable for off-road use.


To summarise our 1000w Evo Powerboard review, this phenomenal battery fuelled scooter offers good value for your money as long as you are acquainted with its upsides and downsides. 1000W Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards is a perfect long distance travel friendly equipped with a scope of leading features that make other branded electric scooters look old-fashioned.